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Learn How To Burn Video Games

Posted by Scott Smith on
Learn How To Burn Video Games

Burning Video Games This article was written to teach people how to burn video games, legally of course. Game types that are supported are, PC games, xbox 360, xbox, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Gamecude, Wii, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advanced and Gameboy. The most important thing to consider in burning any material that is copyrighted, you must own the material and not sell, rent or give away any copy. Why Would Anyone Need To Burn Copies Of Video Games? Over the past twenty five years, I have destroyed more video games than I care to count.

I’ve lost them, broke them, loaned them to a friend who destroyed them and left laying them around to get scratched beyond repair. Scratches will destroy video games and with the rising cost of video games today, the only protection you have is to burn a copy and put the original away in a safe place and use the copy. This way the video game will remain in new condition. The benefits are endless, considering the high price of video games today, at $50.00 to $60.00 a piece.

Many hard core gamers are looking to burn video games for the wrong reasons, and many of those reasons break the the law and could cost them more than just a lot of money in fines, it could possibly get them prison time as well. So, burning video games for any other reason than to protect your invest is discouraged. Things You Must Know Before You Copy Any Game Disc All of the newer games produced today have built-in protection, using software downloaded from torrent or warez sites can destroy the video game. Games that are copied with these programs corrupt the protection on the game causing your system to display an error message. Game Copy is the only software available to copy the game with the built in protection. What You Will Need To Burn Video Games First and foremost you must have a good game burning software on your computer. I use Game Copy, which is as simple to use as Nero or Roxio when burning a copy of MP3 or Data CD. You need dual CD/DVD burning drives on the computer you are using to burn the video games. The last item you will need to burn video games are some blank DVD’s.

Summary Burn Video Games you personally own to protect the original from any damage. You need to use the copy and keep the original in a safe place. Using free downloadable burning software to burn video games can destroy the video game. Video games have built in copy protection that can be damaged by using the wrong software. It is against the law to burn games for the purpose to sell, rent or give away. Only copy video games for your protection. Items needed; A Personal Computer Game Copy software, Dual CD/DVD Burn Drives, Blank DVD’s and a Personally Owned Game.